Appointment Announcement, Claude Leclair, Director of Communications

Cookshire-Eaton, the 13th of May 2022 – Ville de Cookshire-Eaton Town Manager, Mr. Martin Tremblay, is pleased to announce the appointment of Claude Leclair as Director of Communications. In his new function, Mr. Leclair will work to overhaul and roll out a communications plan enabling the city to better inform the municipality’s constituents about municipal affairs and community life in their collectivity as to strengthen the bond between the residents and the municipal administration. Added to this mandate is the administration of the culture and leisure.

Mr. Leclair holds undergraduate (B.A., Bishop’s, ’91) and graduate (M.A., Concordia, ’97) degrees in History. His professional career in the fields of communications and marketing along with his long volunteer involvement in sports and culture are elements which will give a renewed impetus to the municipality’s community life.

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Appointment announcement, Claude Leclair (English version)

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Avis de nomination de monsieur Claude Leclair (version française)