ADVICE – Large item pick-up

On the Monday morning of October, 5th, you may dispose of your waste at the side of the road for the special fall household waste collection.

As stipulated in the policy adopted by council regarding the special collection of large items, the following standards must be observed for the disposal of large items:

1. All bundles, bags, boxes, etc. must be easy to handle;
2. The quantity of items must be reasonable;
3. Branches must be tied into bundles;
4. The items must be placed at the side of the road;
5. Tire collection is only available in the spring;
6. We do not collect auto bodies or parts or tires;
7. We do not collect construction materials.

LEAF collection is restricted to sites within town limits and is offered during the first full week of November.

CHRISTMAS TREE collection occurs during the second full week of January and is restricted to sites within town limits.