General administration
  • Budget Cookshire-Eaton

Noël Landry 
Sylvie Lapointe
Yvan Tremblay

finances @en
  • Budget (Agglomeration)

+ Lionel Roy

Labour relations (CRT)
  • Application and renewal of the collective agreement

Sylvie Lapointe
Yvan Tremblay

information, communications, and public relations
  • Information (newspapers, ads, Internet)
  • Local newspaper Le Haut-Saint-François
  • Communications (media, residents, employees)

Noël Landry 
Pete Lachance

public safety
  • Fire protection
  • First Responders
  • Fire department communications
  • Buildings: Fire stations
  • Fire safety cover plan – follow-up
  • Chimney sweeping

Pete Lachance
Sylvie Lapointe
Lionel Roy

urban planning
  • Planning program
  • Construction by-laws, permits, and certificates
  • Built heritage
  • Advisory Planning Committee (CCU)
  • Compliance with laws and by-laws, nuisances

Yvon Roy 
Roger Thibault

  • Development Advisory Committee (CCD)
  • Development and sustainable development plan
  • Residential and commercial development
  • Tourism and attractions, culture: Eaton Corner Museum, Johnville Bog & Forest Park, RICE
  • Agriculture, forests
  • Environment

Noël Landry
Yvan Tremblay
Amanda Hamel

infrastructure @en
local road network, systems (water, sewers, sanitation), municipal buildings
  • Road, sidewalk, ditch, and bridge maintenance
  • Signage, lighting
  • Water supply, sewer system: Cookshire, Sawyerville
  • Sewer system project: Eaton Corner, Johnville
  • Septic tanks and lagoons
  • Repairs and maintenance of municipal buildings

Yvon Roy 
Roger Thibault

sports and leisure
  • Support for volunteer organizations
  • Sports and leisure infrastructure: Parks and grounds, community spaces (recreation sites, community organization premises, community centres)
  • Cookshire, Sawyerville and Johnville libraries
  • CACI (Internet Access)

Yvon Roy
Amanda Hamel

MAYOR: Noël Landry
ACTING MAYOR FOR 2015: Sylvie Lapointe