Covering a vast 298 km2 expanse of land, the Town of Cookshire-Eaton with its 5253 residents is the largest municipality in the Haut-Saint- François MRC. In fact, the Town’s current geographic area corresponds to that of the former Eaton Township established in 1800.

Amerindians once frequented the shores of the Eaton River, and Cookshire-Eaton was settled by pioneers from the United States and the British Isles, and later French-speaking inhabitants. Today, the land resembles a veritable canvas, featuring the area’s strong, rich history and heritage throughout its charming, pastoral landscapes.

Come and experience the tranquil countryside, wander along the scenic routes, discover the architectural treasures on the Loyalists’ Route and the Townships Trail, such as Cookshire’s St. Peter’s Church or Eaton Corner, one of the oldest villages in the Eastern Townships.

Commemorating the strong Scottish presence in the area, the stone structure at Parc des Braves in the middle of Cookshire provides an excellent opportunity to discover the celestial bodies. In the Johnville Bog and Forest Park, a conservation area where you can hike, cross-country ski, and snowshoe, the focus is on nature.

A location rich in history

  • The Abenakis were the first people to set camp along the Eaton River.
  • Around 1793, Josiah Sawyer, an American, was one of the first colonists to settle with his family near the Eaton River. He gave his name to the town of Sawyerville.
  • The American John Cook settled in the area around the same time. Cookshire was named in his honour. The town was officially founded in 1892.
  • The township of Eaton was founded in 1800. It is acknowledged as one of the Eastern Townships’ oldest towns.
  • Built in 1817, the Anglican St. Peter’s Church was the first church to be erected in Haut-Saint-François, and the 4th in the Eastern Townships.
  • The first general store was built in 1830, on the corner of the streets known today as Craig and Principale.
  • The first surgical procedure under anesthesia in Canada was performed in a house located in Eaton Corner, in 1847.
  • In the second half of the 19th century, the Cookshire-Eaton area gained nation-wide renown in agriculture, railways, forestry, and the military. The administrative, judiciary and political services for the Compton County were all located on its territory.