During the regular council meeting of April 6th, 2020, the mayor and councilors of the Town of Cookshire-Eaton agreed that:

– The interest rate applicable to property taxes and transfer duties due to the municipality between March 26th, 2020 and May 28th, 2020 inclusive is set at zero percent (0%) until May 31st, 2020;
– This modification is only valid for the year 2020;
– No reimbursement is authorized for payments already collected by the municipality;
– This temporary suspension of interest measure is also applicable to late payment fees for municipal libraries for loan returns due on or after March 13th, up to two weeks following their respective reopening date;
– This temporary change in interest rate may be extended by resolution for an additional period in the event of an extension of this extraordinary period.

Owners who are able to meet payment deadlines are invited to do so.

In this difficult period, municipal officials wish to support its population and ease the financial burden of the owners.