New Sports Program Spring 2016!!

Here is the new sports program for Spring 2016, from Monday April 11th to Thursday, June 16th 2016.

Fill the form by uploading it here : Inscription Prog_Sportive_Printemps2016

Send it by mail or in person to the hotel hall of Cookshire-Eaton at 220 Principal Est Street, Cookshire, with your payment (check or money) adressed at Ville de Cookshire-Eaton.

Hurry up! Spots are limited!

For more information, please contact Jenny Cadieux at 819-560-8585 poste 2311 or by email at 

 (Please note that the classes are refundable only in case of health problems, on presentation of a medical certificate or if the City cancels itself the class session.)


Étirement 50+ with Émanuelle LalibertéStretching exercices that relax the muscles and strengthen joints. Stretching helps prevent injuries and promote relaxation.
Classes reserved for people 50 and older.
A new experienced teacher joined our team and will offer 2 new courses. This is Marie-Josée Tardif!

¨ Teaches dance for over 20 years;

¨ Workshop with les Ballets Jazz de Montréal;

¨ Training in the best studios in New York with popular choreographers of Janet Jackson, Missy Elliot and Usher;

¨ Graduated from University of Sherbrooke in physical activity and college dance.


Cardiomix fitness

 Mix of cardio (20 to 25 minutes), tone and strenght (10 to 15 minutes) and stretching and pilates (10 to 15 minutes).


Hip hop beginner adult

Current dance style inspired by various street dance styles (Street jazz, Old School, Locking, Popping, Break, etc.) Each class is divided in 3 parts: warm up, technical exercices and choreography.

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