Sustainable Development

The municipality prioritizes endeavours that promote sustainable development. On many matters, it has demonstrated openness and effectiveness in streamlining and applying the new government standards.

Municipal policies aim to:

  • Reduce all forms of pollution
  • Enhance the municipality’s urban areas
  • Harmonize its urban planning by-laws
  • Improve and maintain its road and pedestrian infrastructure
  • Support agriculture and forestry activities that are innovative and respect the environment

The Development Committee’s work

In addition to preparing a sustainable development action plan, its mandate is to ensure the follow-up of this action plan, explore new intervention opportunities, and make recommendations to council regarding the implementation of priority projects.

The committee has the power to conduct studies and make recommendations regarding development including issues related to the economy and living environment.

The committee acts in a consulting capacity and although it does not make decisions, it plays an important role in the task of municipal planning.

The committee’s recommendations and advice enable the municipality to benefit from the input of its elected representatives and residents who share their valuable experiences from living within the municipality and their specific concerns relating to the development planned in their area.

In certain cases, the elected representatives and residents may also provide specific expertise or reflect the interests of certain socio-economic groups concerned by commercial development, environmental protection, heritage conservation, etc.

  • 2013-04 : Official creation of the Development Advisory Committee (CCD) by the Town of Cookshire Eaton through a municipal by-law
  • 2013-09 : Strategic positioning study of the Cookshire-Eaton area by the engineering firm EXP
  • 2013-2014 : Committee work to develop a long-term action plan based on the results of the study. The action plan will soon be available online.

CCD members to date:


  • Jean-Paul Gendron
  • Gilles Denis
  • Robert Péloquin
  • Céline Blais
  • Chantal Bolduc
  • Michel Turcotte
  • Jean-Luc St-Laurent
  • Marc Nault

Elected representatives 2014:

  • Noël Landry
  • Amanda Hamel
  • Yvan Tremblay